B. Dendrobatidis in Ecuador Frogs

The Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis, also known as Bd is a chytrid fungus, which already affects more than 35% of the world amphibians, without sparing the frogs of Ecuador or any of the geographical areas hosting Anurans, Salamander and Amphibian.

Jambatu project

Climate change, alteration and reduction of the natural habitat of these areas are apparently the main reasons for the allocation and decline of populations, especially in the tropical zone.

Despite this alarming observation, a glimmer of hope came back after the incredible rediscovery of one of the most famous Ecuador frogs in the Andes: the Atelopus ignescens (Bufonideae), which was thought to have been extinct for over 30 years.

The Ecuadorian team of the JAMBATO Centre is the source of this great and exciting news, giving hope to the scientific community and the world to be able to find some species that are supposedly been missing forever.


Dendrobate sp.


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Texts: Xavier Amigo/Travel Agency Ecuador Experience

Photos: Xavier Amigo/Travel Agency Ecuador Experience