What is included in the price for a Galápagos Cruise?

Services included onboard a Galápagos cruise are: stay in a double cabin, all meals onboard, all site visits mentioned (depending on duration  of your cruise and cruise category), a bilingual naturalist guide, transfers between airport and boat and v.v.

What is not included?

National flights between the mainland of Ecuador and the Galápagos, entrance fee for the Galápagos National Park (currently US$ 100 per person to be paid in cash upon arrival at the Galápagos), Galápagos national Park Transit card (currently US$20 per person to be paid in cash at the airport of Quito or Guayaquil), tips, alcoholic beverages, personal expenditures.

What is the recommended tip?

We recommend to give a tip to the guide of, in general, US$5 per person per day. This value is however not mandatory, nor is giving a tip mandatory but if you have enjoyed the services it is appreciated. for the staff of the boat we recommend giving a tip to be divided amongst all other staff.

How will receipts, invoices and airline tickets be received?

We can send you all the necessary documents for your trip by e-mail (scanned). Electronic tickets are the most used and therefore valid as a copy. The rest of the documents will be the copies of the invoices and other necessary documents for your trip, the originals will be delivered to you on your arrival in Ecuador. In order to minimize our ecological footprint, we avoid printing anything.

What is the level of naturalist guides working on the different boats?

During cruises, the staff on board is highly qualified; the majority are Level II and III naturalist guides with many years of experience and Galápagos guiding licenses. The entirety of the naturalist guides speak Spanish and English fluently, very few speak French or other foreign languages such as German, Italian, Russian or Portuguese. It is therefore generally difficult, but not impossible, to obtain a guide speaking another language. However, we can with great anticipation organize a cruise with, if the size of the group allows it, an interpreter, at an additional cost.

What can I bring back from the Galápagos?

There are nice shops on the various islands, however, extremely strict laws govern the archipelago. When you visit this ark of life, you aspire to discover unspoilt and wild nature. Be vigilant in bringing back a memory not to contribute to destroy it. The trade of seashells, turtle shells, rare wooden carvings, coral or worse, living animals attract some uninformed travellers dangerously threatening the balance of nature for the benefit of some merchants. Let us be aware and responsible travellers and apply simple rules that will not harm our  and future generation’s pleasure.

Will there be time to snorkel during a cruise?

You have plenty of time to go snorkelling during your cruise. The majority of boats provide the necessary equipment (Mask, snorkel and flippers), but if possible we recommend to bring your own equipment. During your snorkel sessions there are certain standards to respect. Coral is an extremely fragile organism that develops slowly, it can be damaged by human activities such as diving and boating. Avoid touching any coral, starfish etc., and avoid stepping on it. During some snorkel sessions you have the opportunity to swim with turtles or sea lions. Animals should not be fed as this could lead to an unnecessary dependence on men.

Should I pay for the rental of Snorkelling equipment?

some boats provide snorkelling equipment free of charge while others charge a fee that can be up to as much as US$25 for an 8-day cruise.

Will I need a wetsuit for snorkelling?

There is no need for a wetsuit during your snorkelling sessions, but for those who do prefer, a short and thin (2mm) wetsuit is normally available for rent during your cruise.

What money do I need for the Galápagos?

On the Galápagos, just as in the mainland of Ecuador, the American Dollar is adopted and the standard monetary unit. The Galápagos National Park fees need to be paid in cash (there are no ATM’s available at the airports of Baltra and San Cristóbal). You can however find ATM’s in the town of Puerto Ayora (Santa Cruz) and Puerto Baquerizo Moreno (San Cristóbal). We recommend to take some cash with you for tips and souvenir shopping.

What should I bring with me?

W advise you to pack light. If you have a mainland tour combined with the Galápagos an idea is to leave a suitcase with clothes for the colder Andes weather in Quito at the hotel or our offices and have another one with clothes for the warm weather of the islands. Maximum weight on your national flight is 20kg + 5kg in carry-on luggage.

Am I made for group travel?

We recognize that many of our travellers are experiencing a group trip for the first time. This is why our itineraries leave you more flexibility especially when we are in a city. We have also developed itineraries on foot or by bike.

I’m travelling alone, do I need to pay a supplement?

For cruises in the Galápagos, if desired, we will request a cabin to be shared with another solo-traveller of the same sex. This way, there is no extra charge for travelling alone and it is a great way to make contact with other group members. For the mainland, hotels often do charge extra for a single room.

Can I create my own group to travel with you?

We are specialised in tailor-made travels. This can be between a couple, friends, family, or any other kind of group. We work with you to ensure your tour is tailored to your desires and capabilities.

What kind of hotels can I expect?

We always try to use as much as possible typical hotels of the region. We like to call them boutique hotels or hotels with a local flavour and they are comparable to 2- to 4 star hotels. In your itinerary proposal that you receive from us, you find a link to the webpages of the hotels we suggest for your trip.

How do I get to my destination?

Ecuador has 2 international airport: Quito, the capital located high up in the Andes, and Guayaquil, the financial centre on the coast. From Europe, you can find direct flights to Quito from Amsterdam and Madrid. From the United States you can find direct flights from Miami, Atlanta, New York, Fort Lauderdale and Houston.