Fixing logistics

Logistics, fixing and journalistic assistance

Filming: Vue sur terre, Ecuador episode

For several years now, we have been applying our expertise and knowledge in the service of television and cinema.

Our knowledge of the region, its cultures, its language and its ecosystems are assets for the work of the fixer, right-hand man of the reporter and essential ally of the journalist.

Interpreters, translators, scientific consultants, facilitators, technicians, logisticians and professionals of all kinds, our work list is long and structured. We have the contacts and take you to the right people. Our knowledge of the field will allow you to save precious time, both during pre-production and during the shooting. We also have extensive experience in translation for post-production.

Our experience in the field of natural history has enabled us to help in the making of several naturalist documentaries, on Andean bears, hummingbirds, Andean condors, Ecuadorian volcanoes and many other themes.

Filming: Vue sur terre, Ecuador episode

Ultralight aviation, horses, speedboats, helicopters, hot-air balloons, as far as logistics are concerned, we also have what you need.

Our knowledge has enabled major television channels and production houses to produce their images in the best conditions (BBC, NHK, France5, TV5, ARTE).

We also know all the ins and outs of filming permit applications, an essential element for filming in complete serenity.

We also take care of transcriptions and translations. Our presence during filming gives us a better knowledge of the content and allows us to save time during the final production process.


Several line-producers, production houses and freelance photographers have called on our fixing services for a variety of reportages and missions, here are a few of them:

  • Hummingbird of the World (NHK – 2005)
  • Spectacled Bears, shadows of the Forest (Fergus Beeley – BBC – 2006)
  • Vue sur terre, épisode Equateur (Scott Shneider – TV5 – 2013)
  • Les enfants de la mer, d’îles en îles explosion de vie (Frederic Larey – Regard du Vivant – 2014)
  • L’ère de l’homme (Dimitri Grimblat – Wild Touch Production – TV5 – 2015)
  • Une saison au Zoo / Une saison en Equateur (Banijay Production – France 4 – 2017)
  • Des volcans et des Hommes (Jean-Luc Guidoin – Les Bons amis – ARTE – 2018)
  • Invitation au voyage (Caroline Diebold – Elephant – ARTE – 2018)
  • L’odyssée des requins (Frederic Febvre and Pauline Lietard – Bonne Pioche télévision – France Télévision – 2020)

Xavier Amigo

Your contact person, Logistics and Fixing specialist

Xavier Amigo is a specialist in scientific expeditions, naturalist trips and, of course, in the preparation of film shoots. As a fixer, interpreter, translator and expert on the country, he has accompanied a large number of photographic reports and filming projects. Present before, during and after the production, he will provide you with his expertise and all the logistical details necessary for the organization of your project.

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Flyover in Eurocopter Écureuil

Hot air balloon over the Andes


Flying over the Andes in Ultralight aviation

Shooting of the programme «Vue sur Terre» – episode Ecuador

Crossing by yacht to the island “Isla de La Plata”

Shooting of the film «Ours a lunette» – BBC

Use of drones during the filming of «Des volcans et des Hommes»

Use of drones during the filming of «Des volcans et des Hommes»

Filming «Des volcans et des Hommes»

Filming «Des volcans et des Hommes»

Filming «Des volcans et des Hommes» – Shooting the “chagras” in high andes

Filming «Des volcans et des Hommes» – Shooting the “chagras” in high andes

Time lapse of the Cotopaxi volcano

Time lapse of the Cotopaxi volcano

«L’odyssée des requins» – Underwater shooting

«L’odyssée des requins» – The Arch of Darwin

«L’odyssée des requins» – Filming crew

«L’odyssée des requins» – Study of baby hammerhead sharks