International flights from and to Ecuador

This is one of the great news of the year for travelers to Ecuador coming from France, a direct line from Paris is opening!
Finally, an international flight from France to Ecuador to enjoy the wonders of this country without spending too much time at the airports.

If you want to know everything about intesrnational flights to Ecuador, follow this guide, we’ll explain everything!

From Europe

Since good things often come in pairs, we’re not only talking about one, but two new airlines opening!

Note: only summer schedules are mentioned in this article, be sure to check your flight times on the ticket issued by the airline.

Flights to Ecuador from France

Air France leads international flights between France and Ecuador. This year, the flight frequency will be tested, and we will have 3 flights per week only on one route Paris – Quito.

Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, departure from Paris at 13:10 (GMT+1), arrival in Quito at 18:10 (GMT-5), or a 12-hour flight, this is the flight number AF646.

Return on the same days, departure from Quito at 20h10 (GMT-5), arrival in Paris the next day at 14h20 (GMT+1), lasting 11h10, this is flight AF641.

As this is a kind of test for Joon, these flights will take place from May to August of the year 2019, and depending on the results, these will be renewed or cancelled in 2020.

Launch price of this offer, from 299€ per one-way flight. Makes you want to take a flight to Ecuador already!

Flights to Ecuador from Holland

We were talking about Air France, now let’s talk about KLM, another member of the group Air France – KLM that offers us a direct flight to Ecuador from Europe, the details of which are presented below:

Daily departure from Amsterdamat 10:00 am (GMT+1), arrival in Quito at 2:40 pm (GMT-5), flight number KL751.

Flight leaves Quito at 16h00 and gets to Guayaquil at 17h00, flight number KL751.

It then ends with the international flight, leaving Guayaquil at 18:40 (GMT-5), arriving in Amsterdam the next day at 13:15 (GMT+1), flight number KL751.

This is a great deal starting at 760 € for a round trip.

Flight to Ecuador from Spain

The new one: Plus Ultra

Watch out, it gets harder as the offer gets wider!

How about the new Plus Ultra. This low-cost Spanish airline opens this year its direct line to Ecuador with the famous triangle Madrid>Quito>Guayaquil>Madrid, whose flights are as follows:

Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, departure from Madrid at 1:05 am (GMT+1), arrival in Quito at 5:35 am (GMT-5), i.e. an 11h30 flight, flight number PU601.

The flight departs from Quito at 7:35 am arriving to Guayaquil at 8:30 am, flight number PU601.

Return on the same days, departure from Guayaquilat 10:30 am (GMT-5), arrival in Madrid the next day at 4:50 am (GMT+1), i.e. an 11h20 flight, flight number PU602.

Launch price of this offer, starting at 662 € per round trip.

The most recent: Air Europa

In 2016, the Spanish airline Air Europa opens its route to Ecuador with five weekly flights, the details of which are as follows:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, departure from Madrid at 1:35 am (GMT+1), arrival in Quito at 6:00 am (GMT-5), i.e. a flight that lasts 11h25, flight number UX39.

The flight then goes from Quito 8h00 to arrive in Guayaquil at 8h50, flight number UX39.

It then ends with the international flight, leaving Guayaquil at 10:50 am (GMT-5), arriving in Madrid the next day at 5:05 am (GMT+1), i.e. 11h15 flight, flight number UX40.

The predominant Spanish operator: Iberia

Daily flight in the round-trip flight Madrid-Quito of the historic Spanish operator, so you can come every day!

Departure from Madrid at 11:50 am (GMT+1), arrival in Quito at 4:15 pm (GMT-5), or an 11:15 hour-flight. Flight number IB6453.

For the return trip, departure from Quito at 17:55 (GMT-5), arrival in Madrid the following day at 11:15 (GMT+1), meaning a 10:30 hour-flight. Flight number IB6454.

The operator Latam has partnered with Iberia to offer this flight, so you can find the same flight under another number.

Summary of European flights to Ecuador

An image is worth a thousand words!

From Europe to Ecuador
From Ecuador to Europe

From North America

Located at a shorter distance, the airlines that connect North America with Ecuador, which are obviously more frequent, are summarized in the following paragraphs.

Flight to Ecuador from Canada

It is the newcomer of the North American continent this year, Air Canada, which is opening a direct line from Toronto to Quito.

We still don’t have the details of this new line, which will start flying in December 2019.

Flights to Ecuador from the rest of the world

It is the American continent the prize winner for flights to Ecuador, which is not surprising.

Therefore, we will simply list the cities that have a direct flight to Ecuador, and join this list with a map as follows

North America:

  • Toronto (next line to open)
  • New York
  • Atlanta
  • Miami
  • Houston

Latin America:

  • Mexico City (Mexico)
  • San Salvador (El Salvador)
  • Panama (Panama)
  • Caracas (Venezuela)
  • Bogotá (Colombia)
  • Cali (Colombia)
  • Lima (Peru)
  • Sao Paulo (Brazil)

The advantage of these lines is that they offer great flight opportunities, sometimes economic, for example, from Europe you can consider a stopover in Panama, Bogota or Miami, which allows you some flexibility in the organization of your trip.

So, in for a flight to Ecuador yet?

As you may have noticed, the direct flights that arrive to Ecuador are gradually developing, which now allows you to quickly fly into this small paradise located between the Pacific coast and the Amazon rainforest.
For the French, the opening of this direct line Paris > Quito is a blessing because with a direct flight of 12 hours, Ecuador is at the same distance as nearby holiday destination, Vietnam, for example.

If you would like advice on choosing the best flight for your trip, do not hesitate to contact us.

Air France only needs to paint its plane yellow to make us relive the “Mysterious Cities of Gold”

Aaaaahahahaha,… Esteban, Zia,… Tao, the Golden Cities…

By Pierre Ferron, your specialist in flights to Ecuador and great Mysterious Cities of Gold nostalgic.