Our duties

Our duty, our commitments


Tourism, like any human activity, has an impact on the environment. Our ethical charter therefore begins with the full respect of it, thanks to strict rules of approach, observation and vigilance. We also strive to generate a maximum of retro feeding of observations and data collected during rounds so that the scientific community can use them freely.

As much out of respect for the circles visited as for the comfort of the participants and the quality of observation, we limit the size of our groups according to the type of trip (see the details of each tour).

The majority of our partners work on sustainable tourism projects, respecting the inhabitants and the environment, in order to promote the conservation of the environment for the better support of the native populations.

Agreements with these sustainable projects, private reserves, conservation foundations, scientific stations, allow us to be constantly informed of practical and scientific information, which can help us in the realization of new projects.


Feeding of scientific data

Tourism is a new source of income for many people in many countries of the world. We strive to motivate the native populations around us as well as other external actors, so that they become aware of the long-term viability of tourism activity as much as an economical and conservation solution. We therefore put honour in paying all our employees and service providers in an equitable and fair way. Tourism must be a positive activity for man and his environment.

The Nature Experience Group has been supporting a large number of conservation, investigative and disclosure initiatives for more than 8 years. (more details). Since 2016, we have created the project ECO-Systema, which is an economic fund for conservation, research and protection of fragile ecosystems in Ecuador. We pay back 3% of our annual earnings to the project.

The last few years have been marked by recognition for our work. Winner of the ATR Award (Acting for Responsible Tourism) in 2015 and 2016 we received the Q (Qualidad Q) certification from the municipality of Quito and the Ecuadorian Ministry of Tourism.

Our compromise with the environment and all the actors that depend on it is an important issue for Nature Experience.

Support for several scientific research projects
Participation in conservation events