Our story

A story, Passions

Nature Experience, is a receptive tour operator, established in Quito in 2003.

We specialize in naturalistic travel and scientific tourism.

The agency was created by Xavier Amigo, French, a great lover of nature who, living in Ecuador for more than 20 years, travelled the four corners of the South American continent and particularly the neo-tropical Andes.

Specializing in the observation of fauna and flora, Nature Experience wants to share its passion by offering visitors the best of the region through the various natural environments such as the Amazonian rainforest, the Andes, the coast with its tropical- and semi-arid forests, its great deserts or the legendary Galapagos Islands. This is by travelling through the most beautiful South American countries: Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia and most recently Brazil.

We seek for you the best observation sites, very often little known to the general public, in order to evolve in intact and rich ecosystems. Our team is made up of multilingual professionals (Spanish, French, English, German, Catalan, Dutch, etc. ..) experienced in each field. All our itineraries have been developed taking into account our skills, knowledge and especially our love for nature. We therefore want to bring together, with the help of these tours, people interested in discovering the natural history of these regions, to share with them our passion and to make them discover these unknown countries.

We include visits to scientific stations, meetings with key conservation actors and other participatory experiences so that each participant can integrate and participate in concrete actions and to better understand the stakes of this important work.

Our rare and original travels are not reserved for scientists or high-level professionals, we also design our itineraries for small groups of neophytes, families, students and any person or group wishing to cross the road of knowledge, in our company.

We take care of everything, you only have to join us charged with a good dose of curiosity.

Evolution of the agency logos

Ecuador Experience – 2004

Ecuador Experience 2009

Ecuador Experience 2012

Ecuador Experience 2016

Nature Experience 2016

Birding Experience 2016