Scientific Expeditions

Scientific expeditions


Scientific expeditions always have had the need to rely on logistical assistance and on-site knowledge to work under the best conditions in regions targeted for the mission.

One of our most important obligations as a naturalistic and scientific tour operator is to contribute, if only a little, with one of the most important pillars of conservation: scientific investigation.

Who said that tourism and science were not compatible? Not only are they but, in addition, we think they belong together nicely.


In addition to our various offers in participatory tourism, we have developed for the past several years (thanks to our experience in scientific expedition accompaniment) our passion for nature and our accumulated knowledge on the ground, a whole Know-How we love to share with the scientific community.

Biodiversity inventories, exploration missions, specific research projects, ethological information surveys, cartography, applied courses for university students, participatory travel… It are the subjects that are important when talking about science. Let us know what you need and we will take care of all the details so that your scientific mission is successful.

A number of organizations are using our services for the organization, logistics or support of their scientific projects, here are some examples:

  • First Entomological Expedition phase – Caddisfly of Ecuador (February 2015)
  • Research of new lichen species in northern Ecuador (July 2016)
  • Ornithological expedition on the island of Puna, Ecuador (September 2016)
  • Second phase of Entomological expedition – Caddisfly of Ecuador (February 2017)
  • Research project – Ecology and water qualities of the Machangara River – Ecuador (April 2017)
  • Fish inventory of the Mira River (June 2017).
  • Third Entomological Expedition phase – Caddisfly of Ecuador (November 2017)


Xavier Amigo

Your partner

Xavier Amigo specializes in scientific expeditions and naturalistic tours. As an autodidact, he often choose to accompany the expeditions. Living in Ecuador for over 20 years, and as founder of Ecuador Experience and the group Nature Experience, he will bring you his expertise as well as all the logistical details necessary for the organization of your project.

Contact our expert:

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