Ponc Feliu Family

A small detail of the species observed on the whole trip (Ecuador + Galapagos):

234 species of birds (including 85 cochas). 12 species of mammals (5 marine, 7 terrestrial). 11 reptiles and amphibians. X fishes (a lot of work is needed to identify them with the Go Pro images).

As far as endemic birds are concerned, we saw all those possible on the islands visited, except for the Rail and 2 finches (sharp-billed and vegetarian), as well as many seabirds (3 storm-petrels, Galapagos petrels, all the gulls, boobies, frigate birds, etc). Also 6 very well seen orcas, 1 Bryde’s whale, a group of very confident bottlenose dolphins, etc. It is very difficult for me to say which part of the trip is my favourite…. For the whole family it was the Galapagos. Maybe for me too, because of the great exceptionality of a unique place, but the rest was also very very beautiful.

A great trip !!!! Many thanks to Xavier and to all of you

Ponc Feliu family – Birdwatching trip to Ecuador and the Galapagos – 2021