In the search of rare and original travels, close to nature and men.

Through a multitude of neo-tropical ecosystems, come and discover the riches of tropical America with our travels. We offer, together with our specialized bilingual guides, unforgettable naturalistic encounters thanks to our different formulas.

Voyages ornithologiques en amérique du sud - Nature Experience - Agence de voyage spécialisée en ornithologie

Birding Tours

The 5 most important ornithological hotspots in the world are in South America. Our passion for birds will allow you to observe, check and photograph them in the best conditions.

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Botanical Tours

Tropical rainforest at the edge of Andean glaciers, the Neotropical flora is ubiquitous here. Epiphytic bromeliads, lithographic orchids, canopy cacti, stilt palm, endemic Fuchsia, tree begonias, diversity is simply impressive.

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Family Tours

Give your family a change of scenery, rich in surprises and unforgettable memories. Look for inspiration in our different ideas for family holidays. There is something for all ages and for all tastes, naturalist apprentices, aspiring athletes and adventurers in the making

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Guaranteed departures

Find here all our trips with guaranteed departures to be sure not to miss any of our adventures!

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Herping Tours

The trails around the lodge are the ideal habitat for one of the most beautiful and intriguing Anole arboreal in Ecuador. Anolis proboscis , also known as the Pinocchio Lizard, was rediscovered in 2007 in the subtropical highland forests of Chocó.

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Voyages naturalistes - Nature Experience

Naturalist Tours

Take the time to immerse yourself in nature of exceptional beauty. Share our passion and let us guide you on your path to knowledge...

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Painting: Watercolouring courses

What could be more inspiring on your trip than to create a book full of watercolours? Follow our guide-artist to take you on a picturesque tour during one of the most colourful and inspiring workshops in Ecuador

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Voyages photographiques - Nature Experience - Agence de voyage photo

Photo safaris

The dense "cloud forests ", hanging from the Andean foothills, owe their names to the thick clouds, carrying rain, aimed at their peaks. Here, the Spectacled Bear, Anole, Margay and Golden Quetzal coexist.

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Scuba diving tours

Galapagos or Ecuador? PADI or NAUI? Whale sharks or manta rays? Nitrox or normal? Long cruises or short dives? Amateur or confirmed? If you like water and bubbles, check our underwater diving circuits .

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Voyages sur mesure, autotour et itinéraires liberté - Nature Experience - Agence de voyage liberté

Self-Drive tour

If you like to travel freely, our self-drive tours are for you. We give you an up-to-date road-map, a GPS and you bring your instinct to guide you; all this of course in addition to our expertise and preparation work so you can be safely on the way.

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