Painting: Watercolouring courses

Watercolour courses in South America

Our watercolour courses will take you to the discovery of one of the most colourful continents, South America. They will allow you to develop your artistic talents in contact with our professional watercolour guide.
Let yourself be caught by the diversity of landscapes and the variety of wildlife along these pictorial tours, especially designed to admire the thousands of facets of Ecuador.
These courses and workshops are designed and adapted to the “map” for artists of all levels.
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The objectives

The purpose of this tour is to help participants discover or better the skills needed to hold a travel diary illustrated with watercolours. The days will be devoted to long sessions of outdoor sketches, pencil, pen, pencil and watercolour or directly to watercolour. This will allow us to confront the problems posed by taking notes on the fly, as well as those more specific to the travel diary, the relationship between written and drawn notes. We will deal with these issues both in terms of formal aesthetics and on the narrative. In addition, depending on the places and desires of the participants, the achievements will be able to go beyond the stage of a quick sketch to reach the finished watercolour on paper. The more technical points of watercolour sketching can be approached in the evening, taking in account the notes of the day and possibly helping with digital photos.
The keeping of an illustrated diary does not require very sharp skills in drawing or colouring, and extremely satisfactory results can be obtained fairly quickly. The illustrated logbook can thus provide a personal, complete and interesting alternative to a photograph or the holding of a written diary. The level of the participants does not matter, we will be in a friendly environment, in a relaxed atmosphere where the complexes give way to the emotions.


Realization of a travel diary

Realized in the moment, it will be a true testimony to your tour.
It will be the report of your meetings and discoveries and restore the sensations that its author will have explored. The eyes and reflections on the subjects, and scenes observed, will be transcribed by each one according to his own perception and aided by an interpretation of the watercolouring guide.
It will consist of written notes, graphics – both drawn and painted – as well as more elaborate texts and illustrations which depend on the availability, the possibilities of the moment, as well as the rhythm and the nature of the tour. Other techniques can be used and will contribute to the enrichment of the travel diary, such as photos, collages, etc.
In order for the tour in general and especially the walks to be pleasant and light, we use easy travel methods, make sure you and your equipment are easily transportable. They can vary from pure drawing to watercolour.
A great deal of attention will therefore be paid to field work, to which we devote most of the days.
The creation of more creative works in quiet evenings will be an opportunity to exchange and deepen the techniques and expressions of each, abstract, informal, figurative or otherwise.
As a strong link between these two works, it is important that they have a close relationship.
Because the travel diary is an introduction to painting, and painting an extension of the travel diary.


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